Current Openings

Thank you so much for your interest in joining us! We are so happy that you want to join and can’t wait to start working with you! Unfortunately, we do not have any job openings at the moment. Please continue to check in on this page to see if there are any open positions. All open positions will provide the necessary information to apply, however, if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.

Adding New Businesses to Our Database

If you have any ideas for businesses that we can add to our database, we would be glad to talk with you about the process. The first step when adding a new business to our database is finding credited sources for all the categories of our rating system, which outlines the business’s system in place for that category. The next step is to rate the business in all of these categories, based on our rating system, and provide evidence, from a credited source, to support these ratings. Finally, the last step is to calculate an overall rating by taking a sum of all of the individual category ratings. To suggest a new business or rating, email us at

Feedback and Suggestions

We are always open to receiving feedback and suggestions! If you have any feedback or suggestions about how we can improve, changes we can make, or anything else, please fill out this short form! By filling out the form, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.